Meet the Staffers

Rich Todaro

Founder and CEO

Founded Battle-Scarred Outdoors in 2014 with the vision of helping the true American heroes by planning and executing hunting and outdoor activities that serve as a “thank you” to local military and first responders. Rich was born in New York but grew up in South Florida, he has called North Carolina home since 2005. He has been an avid hunter an outdoorsman his whole life and enjoys whitetail hunting most of all. While not hosting American heroes on hunting trips, Rich owns and operates R.T. Construction & Renovations ,a professional contracting services company in Harrisburg, N.C., where he resides with his wife and three children.


Gronk Todaro

BSO Mascot

Gronk loves all the attention he can get. He will help you clean up if you drop any food. He spends most of his time napping or roaming around pulling security.


Sam Mortimer

Mission and Operations Specialist

Retired USMC


Tim Bates

Secretary/ Treasurer

Born and raised in Eastern North Carolina. He served in the North Carolina National Guard from 2006-2013. He was a Bradley Mechanic and deployed 1 time over seas. He has a true obsession for the outdoors, and enjoys helping others get that opportunity to enjoy. For him, family is a big deal, and tries to spend what time he can with his wife, son, and daughter, when he isn’t out supporting the mission of BSO.

Katie Falconer

Director of Special Initiatives

Kate grew up in California and moved to North Carolina just over a year ago. She is the owner of Local Patriot Roasting Company in Kannapolis , NC. Kate recently joined us on a local hunt and after seeing the impact these opportunities have on our Vets and FR, she knew this was an organization she wanted to partner with.


Adam Trail

Eastern Team Lead

Adam is a USMC combat veteran that grew up in Tennessee pulling catfish, smallmouth, and crappie from the lakes, fly fishing for trout, chasing green heads on the Mississippi flyway, and climbing mountains to find that trophy buck. He was stationed in NC in 2006 and the salt water hooked him. No matter if it’s chasing reds in the marsh, early mornings tossing decoys, or late nights on a blood trail, he just wants to get America’s heroes into the outdoors.


Mike Whitcomb

Western Team Lead

Mike has spent the last 38 years studying and honing his skills as it relates to outdoor sports, hunting and fishing. Mike was born in the Northeast and learned at very young age how to navigate the big woods of New Hampshire. Mike comes from long heritage of outdoor enthusiast that began with his dad and continued with the mentorship of a retired airborne ranger who taught Mike how to track deer. The Whitcomb family loves racing inspired by Mike’s dad who owned the winning Daytona 500 car in 1990, the Purolator Car driven by Derrike Cope.  While Mike continued in racing for a few years, he spent most of his career sharing his racing knowledge and skills with Race Fans around the country as a driver and operations manager for the Richard Petty Driving Experience.

Mike is married with 3 children. He passed on the hunting heritage to his 2 sons, and he is still trying to get his daughter to love the sport as much as he does. He is passionate about sharing this outdoor sport with future generations and giving back to those who have so bravely served so that we have the freedom to hunt and enjoy marksmanship.  Mike and his family now reside in the Charlotte area where he now owns a Jersey Mike’s franchise and volunteers his time with Battle Scared Outdoors.

James “Jim” Jenkins II

Graphic/ Digital Designer for the team

Jim was Born in Charleston SC and grew up a Navy Brat. His Father Jim Jenkins served 28 years in the Navy. Military service was a huge part of the family. His Mother Eileen also served in the Navy. His Grandfather served on a Tin Can Destroyer in WWII and supported every Marine Landing in the Pacific Theater. With Uncles and Cousins also serving, Military service has always had a special place in his heart!

Racing was always a true love, and when the opportunity came. He moved to Charlotte to live his dream of becoming a mechanic/Pit crew member for NASCARS highest level of racing. Starting in the Busch Series he worked for Lewis Motorsports. When they shut down in 2004, He moved to the Cup Series and worked for Hendrick Motorsports on the 5,25 and 88 cars. Racing didn’t leave much time for the outdoors, but once that career was over, it was time to make up for lost time. Jim loves hiking, camping and fishing. Especially all together. Hiking to a mountain creek, setting up a hammock and fly fishing is the ultimate escape. Meeting Rich and seeing first hand what Battle Scarred Outdoors does was Absolutely eye opening. He is Proud and Humbled to be a part of this Great Group.


Mitchell Winterberg

Mitchell is a Small Business Owner. He loves hunting and being outdoors. He also enjoys helping out our Veterans and First Responders any way that he can.

David “Ty” Friend

Usmc 01-05

Leo 07-15 Father of 2

Hunter and fishermen

Loves the outdoors

Eamonn Garber

Born and raised outside of Boston, MA. Served in USMC from 2011-2020 including 3 deployments overseas. Married in 2012 and has 2 beautiful daughters.


Steven “Grant” Walker

A native of Northeastern North Carolina, I have grown up in the woods and on the water my whole life. I enjoy all types of hunting but waterfowl is my passion. As the great-grandson of a local decoy and boat builder in Currituck County, I decided to continue his legacy to make custom waterfowl calls. I have been in the fire service for 9 years and I am currently a Engineer for Elizabeth City Fire Department.


Ryan Gleason

Born and raised in Kentucky hunting and fishing has always been a way of life. USMC Infantry veteran 2008-2020, I just love being outdoors and sharing experiences with like minded people.

Brandon David

My name is Brandon David originally from New Hampshire. I have a daughter who is my whole world. Due to being still active duty military I’ve moved around a-lot Texas being one of the best places. Currently residing on the Tennessee Kentucky border, stationed at fort Campbell Kentucky. I’ve had two careers in the military… being the gunner on the Abrams tank and I’m now currently a helicopter mechanic and crew chief.


William Powell

Born and raised in Northern California, Bill developed a passion for the outdoors early in his life. Bill joined the army in 2004 and he is currently stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. His weekends are filled with outdoor adventures, hunting, and fishing for any legal species available. Bill’s passion for the outdoors continues today where he strives to introduce others to his passion.


Michael Liebl

Born and raised in southern New Hampshire, Mike lived in the northeast until 2020. After a 20 plus year career in both finance and motorsports he decided to fulfill a long-time dream of living in the Carolina’s. He now lives in the Charlotte area and works in commercial and residential land development. Although he has been an outdoorsman his entire life, he credits the move here to taking his knowledge and passion for hunting to the next level. In Mike’s second year of being involved with Battle Scarred Outdoors he was invited to join as a member and Pro Staffer.


Kyle Lingafelt

Kyle is the Co-Founder of Old Armor Beer Company, Tipsy Hare Ciderworks, and Local Patriot Roasting Company. A Marine Corps Captain (2010-2018) with two combat tours to Afghanistan. Lingafelt joined Battle Scarred Outdoors with the intent to bring other Veterans struggling with PTSD together by spending time outdoors and bringing camaraderie amongst other Veterans and Veteran supporters. Lingafelt is a Charlotte native and avid outdoorsman that uses his businesses as a platform to bring awareness to Veterans and First Responders in need. Lingafelt is a father of two future hunters ages 2 and 4. His 4 year old experienced his first hunt with his father through BSO.

Stephen Lippert

Stephen Lippert grew up in Western New York. He joined the U.S. Army after graduating from high school and spent three years serving in Panama.

In New York he hunted and fished with his family growing up and has been hunting and fishing for more than 40 years. Stephen has been active in the hunting industry for more than four years.

Outside of his work with Battle-Scarred Outdoors, Stephen owns and operates Synergy Audio Video. He is married with 6 children.

Lance Long

Born and raised in central PA. Grew up doing all kinds of hunting and fishing the area had to offer. Served in the Marine Corps from 2004-2014. Has called NC home since 2008.

Billy Icard

Billy is a US Army Combat Veteran, Purple Heart recipient, and deployed overseas to Iraq in 2004-05. Billy was also a police officer from 1998-2002. He was born and raised in Western NC, in Burke County. He is very active in the outdoors. His passion is chasing monster White-tailed deer. He loves giving back to his fellow Veterans and LEOs by getting them out on Deer, bear, turkey, and hog hunts.

When he’s not hunting, he enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, and his 2 grandkids.

Cole Lander


Born and raised in Mississippi. Grew up deer hunting and freshwater fishing for bass and catfish. Moved to North Carolina in 2013 and have fallen in love with the coastal living ways from fishing the marshes, to landing sharks on the beach, to any kind of hunting eastern NC has to offer. USMC from 2013-present.

Brad Gallop



Brad was born & raised in northeast NC. He grew up deer hunting, duck hunting, & commercial fishing and crabbing with his grandfather’s. After serving in the US Army as a paratrooper he moved back to northeast NC in 2003 with his wife to start a family where he has become a 4th generation commercial fisherman and sportsman. He enjoys fresh and saltwater fishing and hunting big game, waterfowl, and upland game. He enjoys sharing his love of the outdoors with his wife & 2 children as well as friends & family.


Jesse Godfrey


Born and raised in Northern Michigan. Grew up fishing the Great Lakes and fly fishing rivers and streams. Grew up hunting Michigan whitetail and small game. Come from a lot of military family, USMC 2016-Current. Have been in Eastern North Carolina since 2016. Love the outdoors and all it has to offer. Gotten big into waterfowl hunting the past few years and always looking to get on some redfish trout and flounder. Always open to take Active duty, veterans or first responders in the woods or on the water!

Heather Wolff

Heather was born and raised in South Georgia. She has always had a passion for the outdoors, which she inherited from her late grandfather (Army vet) who mentored her growing up. Heather served in the United States Air Force from 2004-2013 (Security Forces). She has deployed overseas three times, including one combat deployment to Iraq. She met her husband (AD Army) when both were stationed in Georgia. In 2015 they moved from GA to CO, and then to NC (2018) which is where they currently reside. These days Heather manages her small hobby farm, and loves to share her passion for the outdoors with others, especially fellow female veterans.