About Us

Battle Scarred Outdoors is a Charlotte, NC-based non-profit organization that honors our true American HEROES with hunting and outdoor activities. We plan and provide hunting trips at no cost for local Armed Forces veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and EMTs. All trips are supported by donations and fundraising activities.

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Our Trips

Our team plans and provides hunting trips and outdoor activities at no cost for our true American Heroes. We work with local and national ranches and hunting areas who support our cause and want to give brave men and women in the armed forces, law enforcement, firefighting and EMT fields an experience of a lifetime.

We feel strongly about giving back to those who sacrifice so much so we work hard to ensure a memorable hunting trip for each of our heroes.

Some places we have taken trips include:

All trips are supported by donations and fundraising activities, such as donations, raffles and sales of our merchandise. Interested in donating or getting involved? Learn more about how you can participate on our Donate page.

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